# Find Websites Accept Guest Posts

To find websites that accept guest posts via Guest Post App, the first step is to create an account. After logging in, you will be redirected to a dashboard page.

Find Guest Post

Guest Post App’s database consists of over 60.000 websites that are likely to accept your guest posts. To know what they are, just type in your niche-related keywords and press the Find Websites button.

The system will then reveal 150-200 websites relevant to your keywords alongside their email address, their social media accounts, and their contact page.


Some of the results might not include any email address, social media account, or contact page. You can check whether the contacting information is presented using the status indicator.

Status Indicator

-The first dot represents email.

-The second dot represents the contact page.

-The third dot represents the social media accounts.

Green indicates availability, while red shows otherwise.

You can also click on a website to have a closer look at each.

Website Detail


Besides your keyword, it is possible to customize the Operator as you wish.

For instance: work-with-me, write-for-us, submit-your-guest-post

# View the search history

In order to revisit your search history, click the History on the top toolbar.



The search history shows no further than the result of the current month.

When revisit the search terms in this list, your searches count will not be deducted.