# Email Account

# Add a new email account.

Guest Post App supports to integrate your Gmail or Gsuite account to send email campaigns. In order to add an email account, please press Email Account on the top navigation.

Step 1: Enter From Name and Email and press Save button.

Step 2: When you have already added the email account, proceed to connect that account to Google so that Guest Post App can use your email account to send emails.

Add email account

Press Connect Gmail Account button, then select the Gmail account matching the email account you have previously created with Guest Post App.

Step 3: In the final step, approve all the permissions.

Connect Google

# Why I see "Google hasn't verified this app" when connecting my email account to Google.

First, you should know Guest Post App asks for read-only permission (gmail.readonly) when connecting your Gmail or Gsuite, so the application can detect which emails have a response and it won't send follow-up emails to those email addresses.

Since October 2019, Google announced that it would start being more stringent with software vendors building apps on top of the Gmail API. Specifically, developers using this permission would be subject to additional scrutiny and have to pay a fee of $15,000 – $75,000 or more to have a third party security assessment done.

However, as a startup, we couldn't afford the that much for now, so we decided to give you 2 options. Sorry for this inconvenience.

# Option 1: Grant read-only permission - you can use the automatic email follow-up feature.

It means you need to ignore Google's warning by clicking Advanced, then select Go to Guest Post App. After that, you can continue the process normally.

Unverified App

# Option 2: Don't grant readonly permission - you cannot use the automatic email follow-up feature.

You should click the Connect Gmail Account Without Read-only Scope button instead of Connect Gmail Account. At this point, Guest Post App won't ask for the read-only permission, and you won't see this warning: "Google hasn't verified this app" from Google.

Gmail Buttons


If you have selected the option 2, and your email campaigns have set up for sending follow-up emails. Since the application cannot read your emails so Guest Post App will still send follow-up emails, although you have already received a response from the webmaster.

If you would like to manually mark the email has been responded to prevent that happen, please read the instruction here.